W2 Park Fire Exercise



In order to further strengthen enterprise fire safety management, prevent fire and reduce fire hazards, strengthen staff's awareness of fire safety, and improve staff's ability of fire safety prevention, self-rescue, escape and life-saving, Jiangxi Vogue Photoelectric Co., Ltd. organized staff to conduct fire emergency evacuation drill in the afternoon of June 14.

Before the drill, the Ministry of Environmental Safety, in light of the actual production of our factory, carefully and carefully worked out the exercise program, clarified the principles of emergency evacuation and matters needing attention, formulated the emergency evacuation escape route, set up a special person as the team leader to ensure that the drill process is rigorous and orderly.

The purpose of this drill is to train the staff to master the essentials of escape in case of sudden fire. The fire drill also assesses the ability of the company's emergency rescue organizations to fight early fires and guide the evacuation ability of personnel, so as to ensure that our emergency rescue organizations can effectively and orderly carry out emergency work in emergency situations.

Fire alarms rang at 16:30 on June and 14, 2019. Fire broadcasting announced evacuation. Members of emergency rescue organizations of all departments of our company immediately guided everyone to evacuate at the nearest safe exit. Within 4 minutes and 58 seconds, all 508 people in the factory arrived at the assembly site safely.

After the drill, Vice General Manager He Zhibin made a summary of the drill, and made suggestions to all staff for the safety work in the factory area. Through the fire drill, the staff further improved their safety awareness, familiarized with evacuation routes, and enhanced the ability of scientific escape self-rescue and self-protection.

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